We help parents journey from overwhelmed depletion to energized inspiration by supporting you to reconnect with yourself, align with your deepest values, and raise compassionate, mindful, and socially conscious kids.


I'm Nikko

Mom of two, organic farmer, and volunteer firefighter with a 20+ year career in the non-profit sector focused on social justice, food sustainability, and community building. A city kid born and raised, I now live on an intergenerational family farm on the unceded traditional territory of the Sinixt people in British Columbia, Canada. 

I began my parenting journey at age 36, and it has been the hardest, most intense, and ultimately most inspiring challenge of my life. In this role as “mom” I learn so much about myself, my kids (now five and nine), and our place in this world every day. 

Three major themes captivate and preoccupy me in my parenting journey:

  • Bringing my social and environmental justice values into my parenting. I hope, more than anything, to leave the world better for my kids. Some days that hope is hard to sustain.  

  • Raising my kids to be resilient, compassionate, and connected change makers themselves. I want, more than anything, to help my kids grow up with the qualities needed to survive and find joy in this crazy world. 

  • Finally, ensuring I stay strong, energized, and inspired enough to model the type of person I’m trying to raise my kids to be. I need more than anything to care for myself through this journey so that I can be strong and present for my kids.  

This is what Root & Branch is about – supporting parents and caregivers to come together to support and inspire each other to bring our best selves to our parenting journey. To live and parent in alignment with our social and environmental values. And to model true self-care and self-compassion to ourselves, our kids, and our communities. 

What is possible when we come together in community to do this work? Join our community to find out!


SPOILER ALERTY! This community is explicitly committed to anti-racism, decolonization, feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, climate justice, economic justice, disability rights, non-violence, and so much more. No one is free until we are all free.












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